SD Maid Pro APK v4.10.3 Patched + Key [Latest]

sdmaidproapkName : Sd Maid Pro
Version: 4.10.2
Updated on: February 23, 2018
Size: 5MB
Requires Android: Varies
Downloads: 10,000,000+

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No smartphone, or operating system is perfect. There are always going to be minor bugs, loopholes and similar things. Because, at the end, they’re created by people just like us, and people make mistakes. Android is not an exception to this. There are certain areas where android can certainly improve. One of them is the amount of cache data that is generated. You see, every time you install and delete an application, there is some data which is left behind. Your phone also creates crash reports, debug files, and logs. Majority of the times ( if not all), you don’t need these files.

Despite you not needing these files, the data is being collected and stored into your internal sd card or external sd card. This is where sd maid pro kicks in.

You know how when you have litter in your home, it is good that a maid comes and gets it away. The same analogy can be applied to cleaning these log files as well.

SD Maid Pro : Introduction


SD Maid – is a free application with which you can keep you android clean and fast. The app comes from the home of darken, and helps you regain memory of your smartphone.

The app is intended for devices that have been rooted. If you have a rooted smartphone, this app will give you a list of tools which will help you keep your smartphone fast. Using the app is extremely simple and doesn’t take long to get familiar with. You can shrink and optimize bloated databases to free more space and make your smartphone fast at the same time.

Features of SD Maid App

  • The app has a full fledged file explorer that lets you crawl and see your android files and find the ones that you’re hunting.
  • If you know the file name, you can simply use the searcher and locate it directly
  • The CorpseFinder helps you search your smartphone for orphaned items so that you can compare them to list of applications that are installed.
  • The Appcontrol feature will let you reset, freeze and remove applications from your smartphone ( but be careful, it can also remove system apps ).
  • The System cleaner feature scans your smartphone with its filter to find files that are not needed anymore. You can also add your own custom filters.
  • You can manually shrink and optimize your database in order to speed up your smartphone or free up space.
  • Scan and find the files that are big in size and taking up most of the space.
  • You can also find files that got modifications done in the last X minutes.

SD Maid Pro Version 4.7.6
Unlocker Version 4.1.2
Size 5MB
Android Requirement Varies with Devices
Requires Root
Total Downloads 10,000,000+
Updated On Aug 07, 2017
Developer darken

• Browse your whole device and manipulate files through a full-fledged file explorer.
• Remove superfluous files from your system.
• Manage installed user and system apps.
• Detect files formerly belonging to uninstalled apps.
• Search for files by name, content or date.
• Obtain a detailed overview of your devices storage.
• Optimize databases.
• Do actual app cleaning and remove expendable files, which supersedes what others may call ‘cache cleaning’.
• Detect duplicate pictures, music or documents, independent of name or location.
• Run tools automatically on a schedule or via widgets.


Improved: Clutter database.
Improved: Translations.
Improved: Internal debug related routines.
Improved: Navigation headcard layouting (#1308).
Improved: Exclusion manager core code.
Improved: Code related to serialization of exclusions/filters and other data.
Improved: Updated used 3rd party libraries.
Fixed: Issue with I/O operations where SD Maid would crash instead of just displaying an error.
Fixed: Crash when root permission are inconsitently granted.


  • Download the SD Maid Pro (Patched) APK file from the link given above.
  • Install the app on your android phone.
  • Grant the ‘Root’ Permissions.
  • Run APP..

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What is Untouched APK + Key?

It is the Original APK with Unlocker APK.
Just Install the original APK and the Unlocker APK.

Give it a try, you won’t find a more thorough cleaning tool!

Choose a tab, press start and then either click a single item to delete or press the clean all button. It’s just that easy.

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