Best Browser Games You Should Play in 2019

Gaming has evolved a lot over the past decade.

We have seen game graphics grow from mario level to being god of war 3 with kratos preaching atreous life lessons.

There’s a lot more production value that goes into games now. Due to all the special effects, audio, and high end animation, a lot of games end up being very bulky.

Now, I love high end games, but for some people those aren’t simply accessible. In that case, if you have a decent machine, there’s a plethera of browser games.

For whatever reason you’re hunting best browser games, I’ve curated a list of some of them whom I play very often.

My 8 Favorite Best Browser Games

best browser games


The first game that is recommend to you is this because it has the mix of nostalgia of the Nintendo games of the 90’s. This one is indeed a classic among the rest for its nostalgic feel. Abobo’s Big Adventure is an action game where the player plays as Abobo from the Super Dragon Franchise and he has to make his way to the destination while fighting from the villains.

The villains include the Donkey Kong and numbers of henchmen. Apart from this you get to play with the different characters on other higher levels from the classic Nintendo franchises.

Navigation for this game being in the linear format is very simple, also ‘A’ and ‘S’ keys used for the kicks and punches respectively.


This one is a free-to-play browser based MMORPG franchise. It is an idle game with minimal gameplay thus your interaction and choices are minimal. This game is based on a storyline of saving the world from evils .

You have to form a group or team of angels and fight out the demons from the world alongwith facing their monstrous master in a rather fantasy world. The set-up is of the fantasy world .

The navigation and storyline being rather simple excites you enough to start playing it immediately but later makes you realise the importance of strategy needed for maximising the effects of your attacks on the demons.


This browser game has been built-up for the classic Snake lovers from yet the 90s. It indeed seems to be an updated version of the classic Snake wherein you see a Neon Snake and lead it to collect as many power-ups to add length to the snake .

The trick here is that as soon as the snake touches its head it dies and you will have to start again with a new small neon snake. The fun element here is receiving a speed boost when slithering near another snake.

Here the navigation of the snake is in the linear format and thus can be controlled by the Arrow keys. Although it seems very simple and easy to maintain , the numerous players on board makes it difficult to evade their trap and soon becomes a challenge for you to chase.


As the name itself suggests it is a game of skating on and across the streets, the objective being to collect as many coins as you can possibly without dying.

This game makes you perform several specific stunts smoothly across the roads and when while performing them if you get hit by a hurdle like iron bars, boulders, etc, die your head flies off and the body is shattered and crushed to pieces. You die a pathetic death in the game.

Navigation is yet simple here by the arrow keys for right & left turn, forward and backward. The space bar key lets you to jump and perform stunts.


Who doesn’t like to pass their time playing any kind of a bike race game or bike stunt game? This browser game keeps you entertained enough to grab all of your attention by its beautiful sunset background and amazing high-stunts.

This is dirtbike game running the bike on an uneven terrain increasing the chances of more high-stunts. You have to control the biker racing on an uneven path in order to let it reach the pathway or the level without falling or crashing.

The navigation is done by the space bar key to speed up the bike , the right and left key buttons for spinning in the air, shift to boost and ctrl to press the brake.


This game starts with several players and you in a maze of stones and metallic blocks. The player has to get through the maze by planting Bombs. This results in breaking of the stone walls and so you can collect items. Now the trick here is to keep oneself alive and collect maximum number of items in order to win.

Planning and placing the bombs correctly and strategically is the crucial factor of winning the game. The trick here remains to protect the items and collect it immediately as soon as possible for other players can try to grab the items and win instead.

The navigation is again very simple in the linear format.


It is counted in the top best browser games in 2019 as it involves strategy . The right strategy when put to action may make you win the game.

The game needs immense attention & focus since a small mistake can lead you to end. The game keeps you entertained by grabbing all of your attention and focus.

The navigation being simple makes it easier to start playing the game.


Now this is again a fresh touch to the classic blocks arrangement game since the 90’s. The only difference one can see is the colour of the blocks from black & white to Neon. Then pop of colour adds to the blooming freshness of the entire classic and unchanged set-up. The player has to clear the horizontal lines and thus earn points for it.

It is the best way to pass your time in leisure while adding no extra burden in strategising and planning out things makes the entire time a peaceful playing time.

This game is free and supported by both chrome and firefox. People of any age group can learn and start playing this free browser game. It can be enjoyed by children or mid-age people.

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