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We cover android tutorials, lists, app/game reviews, buying guides and much more.

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Editor : Androidcurry is managed by Aniket, a passionate android developer & avid gamer.

Review Procedure

Best of Apps/Games list

I browse internet blogs, forums and facebook groups to create a list of more than 30 apps/games for that list. For example, for best fitness apps, I’ll install 30 apps based on information collected from sources mentioned above.

I then use/analyze them for 15-30 days. I take notice of multiple things valid for that niche’s app. For a game, I’ll see how addictive it is, how fast it is, for a fitness app, I’ll check how correct their suggestions are.

Buying Guide

For buying guides, I browse and collect products based on  reviews by verified buyers on amazon and other e-commerce sites. I also check out forums, blogs, and dedicated facebook groups. I then reach out to expert blogs, and product experts to get their opinion on the products.

The review is 100% un-biased and I don’t get any external sponsorships for such buying guides.

Sponsored App Reviews

I’ll be often reached out by mobile app/game companies to feature their app or game for a fee or compensation. These reviews are explicitly marked as sponsored so users as aware. However, the compensation or fee doesn’t change my opinion on the app/game. I’ll try the app for 7-10 days and give my honest opinion and account of what I genuinely feel for the app/game.